March 28th 2022


Publisher Spotlight is an ongoing series on the UK blog, where AP Senior Publisher Development Manager, Viviana Viale shines the lights on innovative publishers from across EMEA.

This month Viviana chatted to Tovi Cohen, Affiliate manager at 'Boom25 about her role, what it's like working for a start-up and their offering to brands. Find out more below'

Can you tell us a bit about Boom25?

Boom25 brings the thrill to shopping online offering every 25th customer up to 100% of their money back on their purchases. We are unique in the market as most cashback sites only offer a small percentage back after you shop, but with Boom25 every 25th shopper has a chance of winning back up to 100% of their spend; it's that simple. It's exciting, easy and free of charge.

What does your role involve at Boom25?

s the affiliate manager at Boom25, my role involves account maintenance, optimisation and recruitment of new advertisers, reporting on results, building strong relationships with affiliate networks, SaaS platforms, affiliate agencies and advertisers. I am the day-to-day contact for a portfolio of clients and I manage the connection between the clients and the Boom25 marketing team. If we have a special campaign with a brand, I am responsible for building a campaign strategy with the Boom25 team using industry insight to create and deliver operational and strategic initiatives to grow the clients, offering excellent account management.

Can you describe a typical working day at Boom25?

Since Boom25 is a startup everything is dynamic and fast paced; every day we're growing massively and have new users. As a team we work closely together, continually maximising performance and looking to improve. We are currently working on penetrating the student market, and recently launched a targeted campaign that allows a whole different sector to view the thrilling possibilities Boom25 has to offer.

What advice would you give to Advertisers wishing to work with you?

Boom25 brings the thrill back to online shopping, making it fun and exciting! We are working with a wide range of advertisers but are always keen to hear from brands who would like to partner with us. We offer advertisers specific placements and tailored offers on our site incentivising customers to purchase and increasing conversion rates for brands. We also have a range of exposure options in terms of newsletters and special campaigns with our Facebook community which contains more than 200,000 members.

Are there any exciting plans for Boom25 in the near future?

We're planning on becoming well known across the UK in order to revolutionise online shopping. People already spend online and at Boom25 they have the opportunity to win up to 100% back. We want to make sure that if consumers are spending money, they have the opportunity to win it back.

What do you think will be the next big trend in affiliate marketing?

I think the next big trend will be product affiliation ' This means brands and publishers will become more interested in pushing specific items and less interested in general brand awareness.

Last word: a recommendation, an idea, a quote to live by?

The sky is just the starting point it's not the limit.