March 28th 2022

Publisher Spotlight is an ongoing series on the UK blog, where AP Senior Publisher Development Manager, Viviana Viale shines the lights on innovative publishers from across EMEA.

This month Viviana chatted to Vincenzo Decaro, Branch Manager at OrangeBuddies about his role, what it's like working for a start-up and their offering to brands. Find out more below…

Hi Vincenzo, can you introduce yourself, your current role and your key responsibilities?
I am Vincenzo Decaro, and I come from Sicily, Italy. Over the last 12 years I have been living in different countries to study and work.

For the last 4 years I've been working for OrangeBuddies. I started as Country Manager for the Italian Market and now I am managing the Barcelona branch of OrangeBuddies.

In my position multitasking is key, since I have the whole team to motivate, commercial relations to take care of, goals to achieve and results to optimise. Thankfully, we have great team work across the OrgangeBuddies team.  Since I joined, we have grown the Barcelona office from 4 people to a 30 strong member team today.

How did you start working in the affiliate industry?
In 2014 I was living in The Netherlands, but I felt a need for a change. I was with my girlfriend one evening and we were discussing job offers I had seen abroad and in particular one I had seen for OrangeBuddies in Barcelona. So, from there I went and had an interview with OrangeBuddies and you could say it was love at first sight.

I had worked in many industries, mostly related to sales, and just before OrangeBuddies I was working with import and export, but as soon as I got into affiliation I realised I liked it and wanted to pursue it further. It was amazing to see how we could improve sales and results with a couple of easy actions. Thanks to the affiliate business everything is easier, more effective, and productive.

Why do you think OrangeBuddies is different from other cashback sites and why should advertisers start working with you?
In the last 10 years we've been growing and achieving great results, and today we have 5 offices – The Netherlands (HQ), Barcelona, Berlin, London and our most recent addition, Montreal. This allows us to keep a flexible and personal relationship with all our advertisers across the globe.

We have presence in 18 countries and a unique channel of communication; working with native speakers who can provide the knowledge of their own culture and can quickly and easily understand the needs of users.

With our newest concept (ShopBuddies) we have enabled our users to have access to cross border Cashback opportunities. This allows residents of one country, for example the UK, to make purchases in a German store and still receive cashback in their UK account, a concept we are very excited to launch.

How important is it for OrangeBuddies to have an engaged community and how do you keep them interested?
With over 100 different websites under the umbrella of OrangeBuddies Corporate, we give all our users special attention no matter what their location, at the end of the day without our users we only have a great technology.

We provide our users with a dedicated customer service and we build a close relationship with them thanks to the media channels we use. We continually improve our work and quality of the web pages based on the user feedback we receive via internal surveys or information we get via the various channels, country to country.

Engaging with our users is the difference between a user being part of a loyal community rather than just a database. Thanks to our high user engagement, we are able to work in cooperation with advertisers to create great campaigns, personalised surveys and competitions, where our users can participate and be more involved. We also always ensure we have the latest offers and strong brand coverage to keep our users happy and engaged.

Finally, what are your top three websites to browse during your lunch break?
To be honest, I like to have a relaxed lunch with my colleagues and enjoy it without using my phone, it is kind of one of the few moments of the day I am not using it!

But if I have to think of a website or app I use most during my lunch break I would say  Linkedin as it's a great way to see what is happening in the industry and keep up with colleagues and businesses news. Then Facebook just to spend some leisure time browsing, and finally,, as I like new technology and solutions so I like to keep updated about it.

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