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Facts & Figures From Our 2016 Affiliate Marketing Survey

While there are an unlimited number of brands that affiliates can work with, there’s a limited amount of time that affiliates have to actually promote them – not to mention limited space on their site.

To compel high-quality content affiliates to choose your brand and promote it with gusto, they need to be properly supported, compensated fairly and feel valued.

Acceleration Partners conducted a survey of affiliates to get a pulse on the latest affiliate marketing trends and gain insights into how merchants can best support their publishers.

Key Findings from Our Survey:

  • 68% of affiliates promote eight brands or fewer
  • A “Join Bonus” is more of an incentive than a “First Sale Bonus”
  • “Liking the brand” is the top reason why affiliates promote a brand
  • 45.51% post new content weekly