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Shoppable Content at the Point of Inspiration

The Acceleration Partners (AP) Publisher Development team connects with all kinds of incredible publishers across different business models to help support our clients and grow their partner marketing programs.

Monotote is one of the many unique publishers that we work with. Monotote aids in solving issues such as dropped conversion rates, redirection and outdated links, as well as helping brands boost engagement, increase brand awareness and conversion.

They do this by enabling consumers to check out on a publisher’s website via a native shopping cart without ever needing to redirect traffic away from the content they are consuming. The best news? No integration is required by the advertiser; Monotote simply connects with a product feed and checkout process.

Monotote is looking for partnerships with brands that want to explore the opportunities with this new paradigm and can provide demos for anyone interested in learning more. Check them out and please contact your Account Team if you’d like to explore a partnership with Monotote.

Michelle Morgan, Director of Publisher Development, is responsible for supporting and growing AP client partner programs by developing and maintaining relationships with key publishers.

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