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Profile of a Growth Marketer: P.volve, Ali McCowan

Profile of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing series where we feature performance marketing industry leaders from around the globe.

We sat down with Ali McCowan, Community Manager at P.volve, and chatted with her about how the company has utilized affiliate marketing to grow their online user base.

How would you describe your role at P.volve to a stranger on the street?

As Community Manager, I’m responsible for overseeing our organic social media strategy, as well as managing our affiliate, loyalty and education programs. To put it simply, I get to interact and engage with our existing and potential customers every day. I see their comments, questions and concerns, and then turn their feedback to our internal team to create material that makes their experiences with P.volve better.  That personal connection to our community is what drives me every day!

How is P.volve disrupting the fitness industry?

P.volve’s methodology is extremely unique – we are a high-intensity, low-impact fitness method that strengthens, sculpts and energizes the entire body. With studios across the country, a customized online streaming platform and portable, proprietary fitness equipment, we make it possible to get an effective workout anywhere at any time. And most importantly, we are safe!  We believe in creating a fitness program that works with your body, not against it. We don’t see other companies out there with that type of focus.

How did you get started in the world of affiliate marketing?

I got started in affiliate marketing when I joined the team at P.volve. We were a small startup at the time, and each team member had to wear a ton of different hats as we quickly grew our company.  I saw the potential with affiliate marketing and I raised my hand to take it on.  I love to learn, so I really saw this as an opportunity to expand my skillset in growth and performance marketing.

What has surprised you most about the affiliate marketing model?

I think the wide range of affiliate partners has surprised me the most. It’s exciting to see that we have everyone from brand ambassadors to large publishers in the same network. Additionally, some of our best team members and trainers have actually found us through P.volve affiliates!

From your experience, how has the affiliate marketing model added value to P.volve?

Affiliate marketing has allowed us to efficiently and effectively grow our online member base.  We have found an amazing network of ambassadors and connectors who have grown their personal brands through authentic and real content. We see huge potential in working with people who believe in our brand and willing to spread the word!

What are some advantages to working with acceleration partners?

Acceleration Partners has been a great partner to us. We are one of their smaller clients, yet the client support we receive on a weekly basis is amazing. We have aggressive goals and they are always bringing new ideas to the table to help us achieve those.

Throughout your career, what is one of the largest shifts in marketing trends that you’ve witnessed?

The change in consumer thinking and behavior has been one of the largest shifts I’ve seen.

Brands are being held to a much higher standard and it’s encouraging to see smaller brands rooted in authenticity and ethics succeed. It’s refreshing to know consumers place value in that.



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