Our one-year metabolic reset is built on the latest weight health science, and is vetted and approved by a world-class clinical advisory board. We are a modern, medical approach that combines medication with one-on-one coaching—all personalized to your biology, your goals, and your life for a 10% weight loss that lasts.

Program Basics

  • Hub Commission: 11% commission rate
  • Cookies: 60 days
  • Payout Model:CPA
  • Network ID: 5714766
  • AOV: $1620
  • Technology Network: CJ
  • Approved Partner Types:
    Sub-Affiliate, Sub Affiliate Networks, Comparison Sites, Content, Coupon, Loyalty, Mass Media, Review Sites, Search, Sub-Affiliate /Influencer Network,
  • Verticals:
    Apparel & Accessories, Consumer & Business Services, Health & Beauty, Home & Lifestyle, Kids, Travel,
  • Consumer Location:
  • Nexus Restrictions:Yes

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